Helping you Connect to your Employees

About Implico

In Latin, Implico (say “Im-plee-co”)  means to involve and connect. Implico Communications says what it is all about—connecting, involving, and engaging people.


Most organizations communicate health and welfare benefits enrollment each year.  Maybe you announce changes to employee options or cost, or add a new provider. But basically, the steps are the same every year. So why is enrollment communication a painful, time-consuming, expensive process—year after year? We asked ourselves the same thing . . . and came up with a solution.

Implico is your one-stop shop for engaging, understandable, technically accurate health and welfare benefits enrollment materials. We understand employee communication, and know what matters when it comes to helping your employees make the best possible benefit decisions. We’ve developed a unique, streamlined process that makes enrollment communication relatively pain-free for our customers and their clients.