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The future of communications is about engaging individuals. Without a true understanding of the benefits package offered, or what is required, employees cannot be good consumers of health care. Implico Communications believes the overall goal of health care consumerism is to assist individuals in making more informed health and health care decisions that will favorably impact clinical outcomes and lower the overall cost of health care. Our benefits communications materials are designed to maximize employee utilization and engagement and to create a culture of health.

Our Perspective

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More and more organizations are asking employees to be health care “consumers”–to understand complex benefit plans with expensive consequences for making the wrong choice.  At Implico Communications, we partner with you to develop communication materials that your employees will understand.  And although your actual benefits enrollment process might be web-based, we feel strongly that employees need education and guidance when making their benefit choices.

Our Comprehensive Benefits Enrollment Guide is a tool your employees can use to navigate the choices available to them, and get the most out of the money they—and the company—spend for their benefits. We can provide a printed guide or a digital option that can be printed as needed, giving your employees a resource they can use throughout the year.

Our Process

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veloxd_logoTM_webVelox•d is our process that we consistently deliver every time with every product.We’ve refined the enrollment communication process to be repeatable, systematic and predictable, with easy-to-understand information packaged in our award-winning graphic designs.

Define.  First, we hold a Project Kickoff meeting to listen to and learn about your organization’s needs, determine the appropriate style and tone for your employees, and develop a timeline and budget.

Design. Our proprietary Allegro™ Design Series offers each of our clients a creative, high-quality graphic design without the cost and lead time of a completely custom solution. We provide three thumbnail design options based on the input you provide at the Project Kickoff meeting.

Develop. We specialize in quickly pulling together content based on best-in-class writing. Our writers are experienced in benefits and human resource communication, and produce accurate materials your employees can understand. We can also use content you provide, and update the information and place in a new layout.

– We use professional proofreaders during this process to ensure revisions are made and any language that is changed or added follows AP style.

– Implico’s online proofing system, Beneproof,™ allows for collaboration between all key stakeholders and streamlines the revision and approval process. Similar to having Adobe Pro at your desktop, it allows multiple reviewers to comment, review and approve.

Deliver. We deliver your enrollment communication materials on time, in multiple formats for print, digital or email. We can also manage print production and shipping and delivery to your location.

Our Products

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Allegro_logoTMOur experience in creating enrollment materials tells us what works—and what doesn’t. This experience led us to develop the Allegro™ Design Series, our proprietary design library. It offers each of our clients a creative, high-quality graphic design without the cost and lead time of a completely custom solution. Like a symphony that sounds slightly different each time it’s performed for a new listener, our designs are modified to reflect each client’s unique culture. We work with you to create materials that best suit your employee audience and ensure that you successfully communicate your benefits enrollment for the upcoming year, including:

-A Comprehensive Benefits Enrollment Overview Guide
-Annual Enrollment Posters
-Annual Enrollment Announcement Postcard
-What’s Changing Newsletters
-CEO Letters
-Wellness and Benefit Logos
-Employee Meeting Presentations
-Other items you might need to complete your communication package


vguide logo

We believe that people want access to their benefits when they want need them and that may be at a time when their printed book is at home or the office.  Now, with the mobile friendly vGuide™ employees can get the information they want, how they want it and need when they need it most.

The vGuide™ is an online version of your company’s employee benefits that contains all the content of a traditional benefits guide. The vGuide™ can be developed as a stand-alone or as a companion to the traditional benefits guide. The production of the vGuide™ uses the same Velox•dprocess and, therefore, can be produced at a fraction of the cost that most companies are charging for apps and web portals.

The vGuide™ can be posted to your company’s intranet or hosted on our site,  In addition to learning about current benefits offered, there is a Library where employees can learn about monthly health and wellness topics as well as tips on how to be a better consumer of health care.  Ask us today if a vGuide™ is right for you.

 Our Work

  • Allegro Design Series 5000 Benefit Guide Cover

Do Your Clients Need to Get Compliant?

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ultraswayed-logoThe Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services imposes stiff penalties — up to $100 a day per employee for those employers who are not compliant. Implico Communications recommends ultracompliant™ by our vendor partner, ultraswayed.™ It is a unique approach to delivering annual benefits compliance notices to the right employees at the right time.